Spent the day at Nassau snorkeling (pictures still to come) and enjoying some concerts

Lighthouse at Nassau

Atlantas on Paradise Island - Nassau

The one you see on TV all the time


Bridge connecting Nassau to Paradise Island


Rich and Famous along Paradise Island

Another hotel on Paradise Island

Paradise Is.


The arch in the middle rents for 25,000 / night with a 7 night minimum. WOW

Judi on boat taxi

Brian and Judi in front of Atlantis

On taxi crew showing us how to eat Conch from the shell


Bridge from Paradise to Nassau

Monarch of the Seas next to Norwegian cruise line

Nassau entry port

Nassau main street

Nassau buildings

Burger King in Nassau

Nassau buildings

Brian at Hard Rock Cafe - Nassau

Nassau buildings

Nassau buildings - Courthouse

Statue of founder of Nassau

Nassau buildings

Nassau buildings

Nassau buildings

Nassau buildings - Moscow embassy

Buggy ride in Nassau

Nassau buildings

Nassau buildings

Nassau buildings

Lou Giglio, Judi, and Brian

Great speaker

Judi, Chris Tomlin, and Brian

View from Ship deck of Nassau dock

K-love staff members

K-Love pastorial staff

Chris Tomlin and band

Chris Tomlin

Great worship leader and songwriter

Lou Giglio - Pastor out of Atlanta

Spoke on Romans 8

Monkey in our room.

Towel folded by our statesman

Big Daddy Weave - Mike Weaver

In concert

Ice sculpture midnight party

Ice sculpture in making

Still working

Finished Ice sculpture

Midnight buffet fruit sculptures

Fruit sculptures

Fruit sculptures

Ice sculpture

Coat of Arms

Fruit sculptures

Fruit sculptures

Midnight Jam sessions

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